It’s so hard to get help for your child when no one’s willing to help you.

It’s like every time you’ve gone somewhere for help with your child, you’re told it’s your problem, not theirs.

You feel fed up, angry, and you’re not even sure if it’s worth trying again.

But then you get another call from school. Your teen’s been suspended AGAIN. They’re disrespectful, bossy, and angry.

And so are you.

You don’t even want counseling, but at this point it feels like you’re being forced into it.

 You want them to have a better life than you did, but it seems like everywhere you turn, no one’s willing to help.

You want a counselor who will actually help you. You want someone who will show up and work with your teen so that you can finally relax. You’re tired of trying things that didn’t fix it.

Unlike other people you’ve worked with, I understand that you know your teen better than anyone else.

I will show up, build trust, and really get to know your teen so that you don’t have to worry about getting calls from the school again.

Let’s connect so I can start working with your tween or teen.