A patient’s parent recently entered your office frustrated with the actions of the child or teen.

The symptoms appear to be ADHD, Anxiety or Depression. You can prescribe medicine, but you want to provide more for your patient.

This is where I team with you to provide counseling to ensure a well-rounded treatment. 

Connect with me so we can team together for your patient’s success.


A student is consistently disrupting the learning process. Other students are easily distracted by the outbursts, constant interruptions, and lack of respect for you the teacher. There could possibly be bullying going on but you don’t have evidence to support it.

Something has to change immediately. Parents seem to not follow through after you contact them. All discipline actions have been taken and you do not know what else to do to help this student.

Connect with me to team together to help not only the student, but the other students and you.

Yukon, Oklahoma Counselor